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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Dolphin Calves This Autumn!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Dolphin Calves This Autumn! It’s a well known fact that many animals mate and reproduce in the spring. In fact, spring is the most popular season for dolphins to find their mates. With a 12 month pregnancy (aren’t you glad we only have a nine month pregnancy?), dolphins will not […]

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What Do Dolphins Eat?

Dolphins are spectacular creatures, and we love that a part of our job is sharing their wonder with you on our dolphin sightseeing cruises. It is so interesting to watch them live and play in their natural habitat, observing their day-to-day. One question we hear all the time is: what do dolphins eat? Hungry to […]

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Dog-Friendly Beaches in Tampa Bay

Although being two very different species, there’s a special friendship between dolphins and dogs. And when they’re together, they look like they’re the best of friends. We bet you also love dogs and dolphins. We’re all kinds of spoiled living in Tampa Bay with our “Endless Summers” and beautiful beaches. So, you must see one […]

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Energy and Water Conservation Tips

When you practice energy and water conservation, you will reduce usage, save money on monthly utility bills, and help protect our precious Mother Earth. Not quite sure where to begin? Dolphin Quest sightseeing tour in John’s Pass shares several ways you can lower your water and energy footprint and increase energy efficiency! Bathing, Cleaning, and […]

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Estuary Ecosystems

Spanning 400 square miles, Tampa Bay stretches from the head of the Hillsborough River to the salty waters near Anna Maria Island. This wide area of water makes for Florida’s largest open-water estuary, which harbors a rich and diverse assemblage of plants and animals, including the beloved bottlenosed dolphin. Today, Dolphin Quest eco tour shares […]

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Tampa Bay Red Tide Update

When you think of Florida and our beaches are the first thing that comes to most everyone’s mind. Tampa Bay is known for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. It’s definitely not the brown/red water and the beaches filled with dead fish and the not so appealing odor that accompanies toxic algae. But […]

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Your No-Stress Beach Day Checklist

Are you daydreaming of white sandy beaches and beautiful Florida sunsets? Well, it’s time to get busy planning your summer vacay before the school bells start ringing! Whether you’re checking out downtown Tampa or heading to the beautiful beaches of St. Pete and Madeira Beach, there’s so much to do and see on the West […]

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Fun Facts About Bottlenose Dolphins

When you’re on one of our amazing dolphin watching cruises in Madeira Beach, there are few things more exciting than witnessing bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. After all, they are among the cutest and most interesting creatures in the deep blue sea! Want to know a little more about them? Check out these 10 […]

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Wildlife Spotlight: Osprey

While traveling along picturesque Boca Ciega Bay on our sight-seeing dolphin cruise, not only will you experience the thrill of witnessing marine life in its natural habitat, but Florida wildlife as well. One these incredible creatures that soars through the skies and contributes to life on the bay is the osprey – a large bird […]

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