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Can Dolphins get sick like humans do?

1. Disease Just like us, dolphins are prone to a variety of diseases that cause sickness. Dolphins may suffer from viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. In addition, they may develop […]

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What Do Dolphins Eat?

Dolphins are spectacular creatures, and we love that a part of our job is sharing their wonder with you on our dolphin sightseeing cruises. It is so interesting to watch […]

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Dog-Friendly Beaches in Tampa Bay

Although being two very different species, there’s a special friendship between dolphins and dogs. And when they’re together, they look like they’re the best of friends. We bet you also […]

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Energy and Water Conservation Tips

When you practice energy and water conservation, you will reduce usage, save money on monthly utility bills, and help protect our precious Mother Earth. Not quite sure where to begin? […]

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Estuary Ecosystems

Spanning 400 square miles, Tampa Bay stretches from the head of the Hillsborough River to the salty waters near Anna Maria Island. This wide area of water makes for Florida’s […]

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