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John’s Pass: A Paradise for Bottlenose Dolphins

Why is it that you are guaranteed to witness bottlenose dolphins frolicking and dancing in the water while on one of our sight-seeing dolphin tours in John’s Pass? Could it be the elaborate canals within the residential islands? Or is it the welcoming warm, shallow water with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico? Or […]

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How Dolphins Communicate

Do you love hearing the cheerful sounds of dolphins while they frolic and dance in the ocean? While on your next dolphin tour in Madeira Beach, listen closely, because what you may not realize is that these fascinating sounds are a very effective way of communicating. Just like humans, each and every dolphin has a […]

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Learning About The Most Intelligent Aquatic Mammal

We love dolphin watching, but what do you really know about those majestic animals frolicking in the ocean? While on Madeira Beach’s Dolphin Quest, your tour guide will share some fun facts. But in case you just can’t wait until your dolphin-watching boat tour, read on to learn more! There are at least 43 different […]

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4th of July Cruise in Tampa Bay

What’s better than seeing the fireworks on the 4th of July? Having a front row seat aboard the Dolphin Quest in Tampa Bay! Come see dolphins play in their natural habitat as our sightseeing cruise tours the Gulf of Mexico for about one hour and thirty minutes. Call or book online today for a special Independence […]

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Ten Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness

It’s a beautiful day, and you are enjoying your dolphin sight-seeing tour in beautiful Tampa Bay.  When all of a sudden that wave of nausea hits you, and seasickness is starting to ruin this lovely moment.  Motion sickness (sea sickness or car sickness) is a common disturbance of the inner ear due to a change […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Dolphin Watching Experience

The excitement is building up for you and your family about your upcoming sight-seeing dolphin tour in Tampa Bay, so we’d like to share some helpful tips to make the most of this memory-making experience. Consider Seasickness If this is a remote possibility for anyone in your family, make sure you are well prepared and […]

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Sight-Seeing Dolphin Tours: A Great Spring Break Activity!

This has been a rough winter with record-breaking snowfall and cold temperatures.  Well, it’s time to forget about shoveling snow, defrosting car windows, and all the other back-breaking chores you cold weather warriors are subjected to. Put your winter woes away, and come down to beautiful Tampa Bay for a relaxing, snow-free spring break! Home […]

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Sight-Seeing Dolphin Tours: A Great Way to Experience Tampa Bay!

Beautiful Tampa Bay is home to sunny skies, warm temperatures, and glistening waters.  It’s where you can relax at beautiful beaches or take advantage of the many water-based activities centered around the bay and Gulf of Mexico.  Making plans is never a problem as there are so many things to do and see in Tampa […]

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Things to do in Tampa Bay

One of the best things about being in the Tampa Bay area is the abundance of different activities and adventures out there to enjoy. There is definitely something for everyone; young or old, singles or couples, young families, rich or poor (there are some great activities that are low to no cost). Obviously some of […]

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