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The Anatomy of a Pirate Ship

Ahoy Maties! January is a fine time for pirates as we celebrate Gasparilla and the first pirate invasion of Tampa Bay. Of course, aboard the Royal Conquest, we celebrate pirates […]

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Fireworks + Pirates

What pirate doesn’t love a good fireworks display? Head out on the Gulf of Mexico waters with a crew of pirates for the best fireworks show in Tampa Bay! The […]

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Year-Round Pirate Adventure

Everyone knows Gasparilla as the ultimate pirate event in Florida, but here at Royal Conquest in John’s Pass, our pirate festivities occur year-round. So in case you missed Tampa’s parades […]

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The Legend of Gasparilla

Ahoy mateys!  Gather round for a story to be told, that of the legend of Gasparilla… Tampa’s famous annual carnival, Gasparilla, was named after the legendary pirate Jose Gaspar, “last […]

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10 Most Famous Pirates in History

At Royal Conquest, we love the history of the high seas! Here we share ten of the most famous pirates in history: Sir Francis Drake (English, 1540 – 1595): One […]

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How to Talk Like a Pirate

To be a pirate, ye must talk like a pirate!  So before you set sail, you better brush up on your pirate lingo.  Here are a few pirate phrases that […]

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Your Post-Gasparilla Pirate Destination

With the final Gasparilla event over this past weekend, Tampa bay area residents may be dealing with pirate separation anxiety. But we have good news—Boat Tours at Johns Pass offers […]

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